Welcome To Visagemanager

Visage is a simple yet comprehensive social media manager in an attractive and user-friendly dashboard. The dashboard allows you to manage your business’ social media, business listings, and reviews all from one place. Features include:

  • Our all-American team will manually list your business the top 5 premium business directories.
  • Instant notifications from all accounts.
  • Showcase windows to show your preferred accounts in real time.
  • Respond instantly to reviews and correct bad data as it appears.

You can access all social media accounts and business listings so you can monitor for any changes including data changes, reviews, likes, and other notifications. Visage is available on a subscription plan.

Please let me know if I can give you any more details about any of our services or the Visage dashboard. All pricing is subject to volume discounts for multiple locations and agencies.

Thank you for your time

CEO, Jason Ramsey


Our all-American team will list your business at 5 top-rated premium local business directories. Maximize your business’ search rankings by keeping consistent data around the web.

Visage showcase windows allow you to view and interact with preferred social media accounts without leaving your dashboard. Managing all of your accounts at once equals more time to operate and promote your business.

Instant notifications to your Visage dashboard enable you to respond to customers instantly and take control over your business’ online reputation.

Are you ready to take control of your business’ image on the web? For more details and customization options…

What We Do

We believe web presence should always be based on the client's exact parameters. This way, our clients are getting exactly what they want, 100% of the time. IT IS all about the most up-to-date and correct data. Do not settle for anything less- demand better. Our desire to help clean up the bad and outdated data led us to our flagship program - Visage Manager powered by Ramsey Researching.

Manage all of your important social media and customer review sites from one page

Our social media manager provides you with all relevant social media and review sites on dashboard, organizing your web presence and saving you countless hours each day.

Our experts set up your pages for you

We understand how busy your days are, so our experts set up each social media page especially for you, touch-up existing ones as well as give any recommendations to help provide you with the best pages possible. Our all-American workforce will polish every aspect of your web presence.

Annual company audits done

With all social media and review sites allowing customers to generate pages for any business, knowing what is out on the web about your company is very important. Included with your subscription is an annual audit of not only all social media sites but the entire internet.

Boost your image on the web significantly

In this day and age having a strong web presence is mandatory, customers are always looking up businesses to assure they are eating or shopping at the best place. Auto-generated pages or bad reviews can be stopping people from visiting your business and hindering growth. Let us help build your web presence correctly. Contact us today.

From the quality of our products to our level of communication and support, our goal is to prove our superior quality and dependability to every client, and with every project. Our business is built on our reputation, anything less than 5 star quality is considered a failure. We work until you are totally satisfied. This is where we talk about our clients, but some clients ask that we don't name them. These clients trust Ramsey Researching and use us as an extension of their own team rather than a third party, so it wouldn't seem right to talk about them here would it? While we may not talk about these clients, they do like to talk about us. Every Ramsey Researching client is an Ramsey Researching reference. They are more than happy to talk with potential future clients, and we are more than happy to set up those conversations. We do however have a few public clients, and here are some of their thoughts…